Wow I Passeddddddddd!!!!!!!
Toby, thank you for all of your help, especially with regaining my confidence after failing my test and then not being able to drive for a year due to covid. Definitely helped me improve the most out of the three instructors I had! 🙌

Passed First Time
I wouldn’t have been able to pass first time without the help of Toby, he’s taught me the ways on the road, how to deal with hazards and how to become a safe driver. Every lesson he delivered I felt one step closer to my goal. He always went out of his way to pick me up from different places to ensure I got my lessons. I always felt safe and comfortable when doing lessons with him. He’s truly the nicest instructor you will meet. I’m sure going to miss lessons with him, but I’m sure I’ll see him out on the road, teaching someone else the ins and outs of the roads :)

Dedicated Driving Instructor
Sophie said, “I can’t thank Toby enough for all of his help and dedication from my first ever driving lesson to the last. He’s taken the time out of his day to give me the best opportunity’s like giving me access to his LDC Hub to prepare me for my theory test and taking me all of the way to Herne Bay and back multiple times for lessons and my test. A truly dedicated driving instructor who cares about all of his students and only wants the best for them and I’m certainly going to miss my lessons with him”. Toby says, “It has been a pleasure to teach you, thank you so much for your feedback. Please keep in contact with me, if you wish to take your road knowledge further, I would be happy to deliver the Pass Plus course. Kind regards Toby 🚗💨”

First Time Pass
Rhys did exceptionally well on his test in Maidstone and the surrounding areas. Came away with a first time pass. Congratulations buddy, give me a wave when you go past.

Jess HowgateJess Howgate
Having Toby as a driving instructor really increased my confidence driving. I found driving scary at first but he made hard situations easier to complete and always had faith in me and it made my test 10x easier to do thanks to him. Whenever I was confused about something he too the time to explain it instead of rushing it and ultimately made learning to drive fun!

Passed First Time
Lydia said “Toby’s been such an amazing teacher, I’m so glad to have had him as my driving instructor. In situations where I’ve made a mistake he always makes sure to talk through what went wrong, which I’ve found so useful because it’s meant I’m much less likely to find myself in that situation again. Really couldn’t have asked for anyone better!” Toby says, “Thank you so much, those are kind words. Likewise; you’ve been an amazing pupil that has been like a little sponge grabbing every bit of information out of me and putting it all into practice. This showed on your driving test. Really really well done. Really deserved!! All the best for the future. If you need anything please let me know. 🚗 💨 Toby”

Michael EllenderMichael Ellender
Outstanding Experience
My instructor was friendly and helpful throughout my complete driving journey. Using the LD system was extremely helpful, especially with the LDC videos that Toby shared with me. Toby’s calm approach to lessons was most evident when it came to test day where he helped me feel less anxious. I enjoyed the whole experience and loved every step of the way. Thank you Toby.

Cameron HowardCameron Howard
Passed - Clean Sheet
So grateful for all of Toby’s help on the approach to my test, he went above and beyond teaching me in a unknown area so I could have the best shot at passing. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor.

Passed First Time
Toby managed to fit me in last minute with my test being only 5 days away from our first lesson. Toby listened to what I felt least confident on and helped me to feel confident in all aspects of driving, without this I wouldn’t have passed with such short notice. Toby also provided me with a learning book that helped me massively with the show me, tell me questions as well as showing me a Blue Light Aware video so I was aware how to react on my test. Overall, Toby is a great instructor and efficient in his work.

Pass Just B4 Lock Down
I am soooo happy to have passed today, especially as it was the last test at Maidstone before the lockdown. LDC Driving School - Toby Offord Congratulations 🎉 Amy, really good drive, you now have your own independence and freedom. Stay safe and Happy driving. 👏

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